Bus Booking Software for OTAs: An Add on to the Dynamic Digitalized Landscape

Online web-based bus booking software enables the travel service provider to interact with the inventory of bus service providers, so that an OTA can accommodate their consumers with a popular mode of transport. Having integration with the largest inventory of airlines may be beneficial, but an ideal travel agency always proffers their clients with every minute accommodation facilities, so that they don’t have to deprive of anything.

Bus is one of the oldest and most popular ways of transport and in a country like India, it serves almost 98% of the population on a daily basis. Even, looking at the rate of bus travelers, the government has taken all the measures to make road connectivity better with good roads. Apart from that, the introduction of Volvo and Mercedes bus has made the bus travel experience enticing for the travelers. Having bus api enables the OTAs to connect both big cities and rural areas and makes it more preferable for the travelers.

With bus booking system integration, you as an OTA can deliver out of the box travel related services which include bus from anywhere in the world with great deal of efficiency and accuracy. This dynamic feature works just like as flight search results, that offers you real-time data of seat availability, root connection, prices, offers along with map that enables you to check the status of the bus and the location it is taking at the moment.


  • Customizable design and layout
  • Advanced and flexible yield capabilities
  • Every feature is predefined and design and services you provide is not editable from customer’s end
  • In-depth reporting and revenue tracking
  • Instant loading of custom light weight website
  • Custom promo code
  • Dynamic packaging of the bus related products and services
  • Admin can upload banner images
  • Notify client via email or SMS after log in
  • Notify the status of the bus and any changes in the service to the end customer via email and SMS
  • Report on daily booking
  • Easy E-ticketing option
  • Options for view history and tracking live status of the bus
  • Cancellations or rescheduling of tickets
  • PNR generation
  • Multiple payment gateways

When you consider bus api integration, it enables you to serve the huge population, thus making you one of the best choices for the travelers. It offers you a complete bus booking website which will have various functionalities like creation and allocation of routes, seat selection and reservation etc. One of the best part of having a bus booking software is, a lot of branded bus providers come forward to deliver their services through your channel, thus help you in revitalizing your revenue.


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