Broken links checker tool and why we should use it

Frequent updates and multiple editors are essential for the growth of a website, so mistakes are common. Any change in a site can affect external and internal linking in the web pages. It is difficult to check manually, so you can make your work easy with a broken links checker tool.

What are broken links?

Broken links don’t work for several reasons, such as a website is not available anymore or change in the structure of URL of a site. A moved webpage without adding any redirect is another reason for broken links.

By clicking broken links, you may see an error page, such as 404 error or the same message. It means that this webpage is not available now. It can increase the frustration of your visitors, and they can immediately leave your website.

By leaving broken links on your website, you are increasing difficulties for search engine spiders. It will decrease the opportunity of your website to get better ranking. If a search engine can’t index or crawl your site, it will be a negative point for your website.

Broken links in your website can decrease its credibility and affect the conversion rate of your site. It is damaging for your page ranking and SEO.

Broken Links Checker Tool

A tool to check broken links can decrease your stress and make it easy for you to identify broken links. Use of this tool allows you to maintain links of your website in good shape. By immediately removing a broken link, you can increase the credibility of your website.

Several broken links on a website are known as link rot. Only a broken links checker tool can help you to protect your site from link rot. This tool allows you to work without a webmaster or SEO expert. We recommend to use PrePostSEO tool, you can use it without any fear because it is free.

How to use broken links checker tool?

Consistent updates are necessary to improve the ranking of your website. Ultimately, it will increase the number of pages that may have hyperlinks. It is difficult to check them manually. In this situation, you will need a broken links checker tool.

To check a website for bad or broken links, you have to enter the URL of your site in the available space and hit the “check” button. The system of this tool is based on unique algorithms to process this request. You will get results within a few seconds. This tool is easy for everyone, such as SEO professionals, webmaster, and owner of websites.

SEO and Broken Links

Links are similar to votes to judge the quality of a website. Internal and external linking of a website can affect the ranks of a site. If you want to avoid any trouble, you can update a broken link or remove it.

By removing broken links from your site, you are improving user experience and adding context to this site. Broken links on a website become a signal for low quality to famous search engines. Without a broken link checker tool, finding a dead link can be a challenging task. To save the credibility of your website, you will need a broken links checker tool.


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