Best 5 iOS 12 Features

Apple just unveiled iOS 12 at WWDC 2018 event, with several performance improvements and new features. Apps in iOS 12 loads up 40% faster and 50% faster in loading a keyboard. Also, there is a huge announcement regarding the performance improvements. Apple also announced the brand new AR file format named USDZ, which helps to maintain the quality of 3D Graphics. Like every year, Apple came up this year with some significant announcements, including some new features in iOS. Here you will get to know about 5 Best iOS 12 Features that you should know about.

WWDC 2018 highlights the future of Augment Reality (AR). The sample is that iOS 12 comes with some significant AR improvements as well, and in future, we can see many AR improvements. AR Kit tool supports, Face Tracking, Realistic rendering, Persistent experiences, 3D object detection and a lot more. Well, These updates are super cool, because the android still lacks these features. All the Major apps are updated in iOS 12 like Photos app now comes with Machine learning, which suggests whom to share, better search suggestions and much more. iOS 12 also comes with DND mode, like the Android P, which helps to hide the unknown notifications..

Like Android P, Apple also introduces the App named as Screen time, as the name suggests this app will help to configure how much time you have used the phone and apps. It can show the weekly activity summary of the phone usage. Now you can also set the app limits, for controlling the screen time for a particular App. It’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite Animoji’s, which now comes with Tongue Detection feature. Now you can also make your own personalized MeMoji’s. So, these are the iOS 12 significant upgrades announced at WWDC 2018. The iOS 12 is going to be available soon. However, for now, iOS 12 beta is available so if you want to check how is iOS 12 then check out the iOS 12 Beta. Installing iOS 12 beta on your iPhone or iPad is very easy. Let’s, talk about the 5 Best iOS 12 Features in brief.

5 Best iOS 12 Features

  1. Better Notifications

It is annoying that only a single App eats up many notification spaces. For this problem Apple came with a solution, Now in iOS 12, the Notification center comes with the support of Grouped notifications, based on apps. In iOS 12 the notifications from a particular app appear in a stack which looks assembled and better from the old style. Also, Now you will have more controls over the notifications, you need to swipe and tap on manage, which brings you the options to turn off the future notifications if you want. Also, you can now get notifications silently which will not be disturbing you again and again.

Also, Siri will not show the notifications for the app that you don’t use, and it’s pretty impressive. The new UI of the notification center is a very cool update for Apple phone users. It helps to manage the bundle of notifications in just a single tap.

2. Animoji & Memoji

Love or hate, but Animoji’s are fantastic. So in iOS 12, you will get four new Animoji’s with Ghost, Quolla, Tiger, and T-Rex. Along with these updates, Animoji now has tongue detection which helps to configure while talking and making videos. Well, these are some awesome updates for the Animoji. However, the new Animoji feature is Memoji, which is your personalized Animoji. It is very similar to Bitmoji and Samsung’s AR Emoji. However, this one comes with some enhanced features, or you can say better User Interface.

You can fully customize yourself into the Memoji, and you can edit tongue, hair, mustache, color, and a lot more. Also, you can share it with your friends for fun. Apple has done a great job with the new Memoji, a so-called update of Animoji. Also, Apple has updated the FaceID, and now it’s faster than the previous version. You can now also add two faces as a FaceID to unlock a phone or App if you want to do it.

3. Screen Time

As I said earlier in the post that Apple also wants to reduce the excessive use of a Smartphone. For this iOS 12 comes with some new features which will help to solve the problem of excessive use of a phone. It has now the Screen time feature which manages the time of using the phone and helps you to reduce it. It also brings the detailed information of phone and Apps usage. Also, shows the time usage of the single app you have used. Along with phone and Apps usage, It will also show you how many times you have unlocked your phone and much more.

You can also set the time limits for Apps, to control the App usage. When the deadline has reached, you will see the screen with a message Time limit over. Lastly, there is DND during bedtime which will turn notification shade too dark. Some of these features are very similar to the Android P.

4. Siri Improvements

With iOS 12, Siri is getting some subtle improvements. Now all the apps have better integration with other apps. Apple is calling it a Siri Shortcuts, which will help you to use the apps with the help of Siri. You can also manage the photos, like view photos, view search, view screenshots, with the help of Siri. Well, this may come in Android with the release of latest Google Assistant. In iOS 12 you can also set up the custom commands if you want. It will help you to configure your phone as you wish.

Apple also introduces a new app named Shortcuts, which may help you to create shortcuts. It can open multiple apps at the same time as a shortcut. For example, you said to Siri, “Show me all the screenshots,” It will show you all the collection of screenshots, long screenshot, it will show their location and helps you to edit as well.

5. App Updates

iOS 12 comes with a ton of App updates. One of them is Photos app, which now comes with a lot of new updates like search suggestions, sharing suggestions, and people suggestions. It works with the help of machine learning. Facetime also gets a new update, and it has now a new UI. Now, you can make group calls with Facetime up to 32 people simultaneously. Along with this also Apple News app, Stock app, comes with new UI. Also, the old iBooks is renamed as Apple Books. Also, Apple carplay now supports third-party apps, and now you can use Google Maps in carplay if you want.

Well, Those are some great features comes with iOS 12. Which is your favorite feature of iOS 12, let us know in the comment section.


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