Basic JavaScript Concepts Every Node.js Developer Should Master In

JavaScript is the full-fledged programming language that is highly used to create the HTML document that can provide desired functionality to the websites. The language was basically invented by the Brendan Eich who is also the co-founder of the Mozilla Corporation. There is a misconception that language is quite challenging for beginners which is far from the truth. The thing is what makes it difficult to learn JavaScript is the noise around it such as jQuery, Library APIs, React, Browser APIs and many packages out there. Although, the fact doesn’t hurt the overall growth of the language since the past few years. In fact, if you dig further you may find that standard libraries in the JavaScript are smaller than Python and Java who have large standardized libraries.

There are thousands of students out there who want to make their careers in JavaScript development. But right before they become a professional Node.js developer there are several concepts they must master.

JavaScript(ES6) Class

The term classes refer to special functions. Mainly the classes can be categorized into two main components first; class expressions and second; class declaration. The classes were firstly introduced in the JavaScript in E56 which are also known as primary syntactical sugar over the existing prototype inheritance. The existing prototype based inheritance is given below: –

function Bike(model,color) {

    this.model = model;

    this.color = color;


Apple.prototype.getInfo = function() {

    return this.color + ‘ ‘ + this.model+ ‘ bike’;


The E56 class:

class Bike{

  constructor(color, model) {

    this.color= color;

    this.model= model;



JavaScript Prototype:

There are several ways of creating objects in the JavaScript, one of the most common way to create object is using constructor function. Below is the example of the constructor function:

function Bike(model,color){

   this.model = model,

   this.color = color,

     this.getDetails = function(){

     return this.model+’ bike is ‘+this.color;



var bikeObj1 = new Bike(‘BMW’,’BLACK’);

var bikeObj2 = new Bike(‘BMW’,’WHITE’);

console.log(bikeObj1.getDetails()); //output: BMW bike is BLACK

console.log(bikeObj1.getDetails()); //output: BMW bike is WHITE

In the above examples, there are two objects has been created using the constructor function namely bikeObj1 and bikeObj2. When it comes to the JavaScript the objects have their own set of properties and methods. So, students who want to be jade.js developer can acquire JavaScript programming assignment writing help to learn more about objects in JavaScript.

IIFE in JavaScript

What does IIFE mean? or what role it plays in JavaScript? IIFE is the term that stands for the Immediately Invoked Function Expression is the function of the JavaScript that starts running as soon as you are done defining it.

(function ()

{// logic here })


In the beginning, it could be quite confusing for students to understand it but in reality, the IIFE follows a very simple pattern that immediately invokes the expression. Generally, there are two ways to create the functions either it can be done through the function expression or the function declaration. The primary reason to optimize the IIFC code is to maintain data privacy.

It is necessary to obtain the expertise in the above concepts of the JavaScript to become the professional developer. However, if a student requires to buy assignment help to write and submit the technical assignment before the given deadline then, they can visit BookMyEssay today.

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