An Overlook to create XML sitemap

XML sitemaps help us to understand website content when we are visiting a website. These sitemaps are in fact URLs of different websites. These sitemaps provide assistance to different search engines like Google, bingo, and UC browser etc. These maps provide information related to SEO of any website. It tells us details about the date and other information about updating a website.

Why we need to create XML sitemap

We need to create XML sitemap because it helps us to get leads on a search engine. It allows important pages of website visible on search engines. They also provide additional information about our website to the Google and other search engines like to crawl on www. All search engines use the same procedure to calculate the crawling of the website. If we get XML sitemap on our website it will automatically update information about our site on different search engines.

We create XML sitemap to get benefits if

  • We have a new website
  • Our website contains complexity in content
  • Our website has a large number of pages
  • We don’t have good Google page ranking
  • If the website contains external links
  • If our website is very large and web crawlers may overlook on content

How XML sitemap generator works

There are many different websites which provide XML sitemap generator free version. Some of them provide different packages for XML sitemap. We can sign up for their plans after getting a trial of the free version. We have to provide our URL to these sites and we will get our XML sitemap. We can also create the sitemap on word press.

Promotion of our XML sitemap

After creating our sitemap on sitemap generator it is necessary to promote it. There are the different steps we can take for the promotion of our sitemap. But we will discuss here two essential steps which are followed commonly

  1. First of all, we can make our sitemap auto-discoverable. Here the question arises how can we do this?

So the answer is here

We can add simply this link in our sitemaps robot


We can explain this when a web spider and crawler visits our site he identify which page should be visitor which should leave. From this procedure, a spider or crawler identify XML sitemaps from auto-discovery. Then it chooses XML files and crawls to recommended files in the website.

  1. The second step to promote an XML sitemap is to submitting different search engines tool webmaster’s tools site like Yahoo, Google, and Bing etc.


By autodiscovery link, different search engines find XML sitemaps on next visit. By submitting XML sitemap directly to their tool site they can easily crawl to the website more quickly and fast. This procedure may be done in just a few hours.  Sometimes these web tools provide additional information about XML sitemap and URLs. It includes how many indexed are there in the sitemap and for how much time these are valid.

Which format is required to generate an XML sitemap

We will see here which format is required to generate XML sitemap. The sitemap formats consist of some XML tags.

The XML sitemap must be

Start from (URL set) and close at (/URL set)

Specify the name then space according to protocol standard in (URL set)

Write (URL) entry for each URL as a parental HTML tag.

Then include in (loc) entry also called child entry in Parental URL

There are many other optional tags which may differ among search engines. These may also refer to various properties in the documentation of different search engines.


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