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Shopping for a new microphone is a bit intimidating task because of its wide selection type of microphone and features associated with hundreds of models. To assist you further which type of mic you need, below are the guidelines and to provide you with more information about the leading brand named Shure and how does it become so famous.

The History of Shure Incorporated

The company humbly begins as a radio parts wholesaler in year 1925 and now become one of the top dogs of the microphone as a “Shure Radio Company” located in Chicago, Illinois, founded by Sydney N. Shure. When the company first began, they made most of their business through selling radio parts via catalogues – one of only six radio parts catalogues at the time – but decided to change directions at the advent of the Great Depression in 1928. By now, the company included Sidney’s brother, Samuel J. Shure, and was renamed the “Shure Brothers Company.” About a year later in 1929, the manufacturing of affordable radios had increased which forced the company to switch over to manufacturing small microphones instead.

Unluckily though, by 1930, Samuel J. Shure had left the business, leaving Sydney N. to look for a new business partner, which Shure begins with the development of its own microphone under the direction of a young engineer named Ralph Glover. When Benjamin Bauer graduated in 1937, Shure hired him as a full-time acoustical engineer and was developed the first Unidyne using patented Uniphase acoustical system. In the year of 1939, Shure publicised the advantages of cardioid unidirectional microphones, which is the first 55 series of Unidyne, this symbolizes the spirit of the whole generation and known as the world’s most recognized microphone.

Understanding the Microphone Specs:

When it comes to a microphone, it is basically a mechanical recreation of our human ears. Which the sound travels into our ears and then besides our ears, there’s a membrane that captures the vibration, then our brain interprets that vibration into what we identify as sound. The transducer of the microphone called as “eardrum”, depending which type of microphone you are using, the technology of transducer may differ.

Microphone polar patterns

A polar pattern simply defines a microphone’s natural directionality, the field of sensitivity and how each type may pick a sound. In more specific terms, it is important to know where the mic listens to its dimensional and which position are blocked. With a better understanding of these polar patterns will help you select the right mic that will captures which type of sound you need while minimizing unwanted noise. You may identify below are the most common types of polar patterns.

Omnidirectional microphones have equal sensitivity at all angles. Since it has no directional information, they are equally sensitive to a sound from all directions.

Bidirectional, or more commonly referred to as “figure eight” they have measured the difference in pressure between either side of the open diaphragm.

Cardioid mics are the most sensitive, it captures sound from the front and rejects everything else from the rear and sides. These are ideally used for monitor speakers to reduce the risk of its feedback.

This is very narrow and has extended polar patterns that are more directional than hyper cardioids. It has a longer pickup range that often used for broadcasts such as sporting events, also used as overhead mics for capturing sounds in a room. But this mics is very poor sound quality.

It has more directional than a cardioid mic, it is a narrower area of sensitivity and less to pick up ambient sounds in loud environments. It has higher resistance on its feedback, however, on these patterns, it has sensitive on its rear lobes that makes them hard to place when trying to discard unwanted sounds likes stage monitors and drums kits.

It allows switching between different polar patterns. This capability gives the mic added versatility in various settings. Other types provide the same flexibility through changing the mic head. These mics offer more usage and positioning possibilities.

The Top 3 of the most popular microphone

  1. Shure – 5575LE 75th Anniversary Edition 55

– Limited-edition 75th Anniversary Vintage-styled Dynamic Vocal Mic with Cardioid Polar Pattern

– It is a modern version of Classic Unidyne microphone with a superior sound performance known as “the most recognised microphone in the world”.

 Main Features:

  • It has features of Certificate of Authencity matching serialization and a tribute from Rose L. Shure, Chairman, Shure Incorporated
  • Permits increased volume and coverage
  • Marvellous reproduction
  • It features a retro design that has Vintage desk stand (zinc die-cast with silver finish) with 3 ft.

2.  Shure SM57

-known as “World’s Most Versatile Microphone”.

-that has clear and present sound that’s great for a wide range of sources that has exceptional versatility onstage and in the studio.

Main Features:

  • Frequency Response: 40Hz-15kHz
  • suitable for close-mic of instrument amps and speakers
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Built to withstand the harshest conditions, wear, and abuse
  • MA25D mic clip included

              3. Shure SM7B

  – It is a dynamic microphone that has a flat, smooth, frequency response. It is designed for recording vocals. Particularly, for Rock features that have perfectly tailored for capturing human voice. It is famously known for recording from The Legendary King of the Pop, Michael Jackson (The Thriller Album).

Main Features:

  • A bass roll off
  • Mid-range presence boost
  • Built in pop filter
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid

Why countless artists loves Shure microphone

 If you are a musician. You don’t want to worry your hard-earned money if you want to invest on a long-term gear that won’t fail you in a midway of your concert tour. And there’s a good thing about Shure what artist’s most really like, is that aside from there are the most recognizable microphone out there today. It is because of the durability and quality on its own product. On each solid peace of steel that can survive no matter what harshest conditions may happen, because it is practically called indestructible.

Learn more about them

If you would like to know more about Shure Wireless microphones and any other systems they provide you can get into direct contact with their local distributor in your region.

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