5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Essential For your Business

Are you running a business? Did you know that email is the best way to reach people who are interested in your site and your product?

If you haven’t tried email marketing yet and is having doubts on whether or not to pursue email marketing, here are five reasons why you should.

As many as 34% of the world’s population uses email. That is around 2.5 billion people, and in the next years to come, that number will continue to increase. According to the Radicati Group, there are about 196 billion emails sent every day.

Emails are a powerful way of connecting with your target customers. In today’s digital age, email has become a vital part of our daily lives.

So without further ado, here’s why email marketing is essential for your business.

It’s More Effective than Social Media

When it comes to customer acquisition, email marketing is better in converting people to become supporters, customers and members of your brand.

One study conducted by Forrester Research and Shop.org found that as much as 85% of US retailers consider email marketing as one of the best and most effective tactics in customer acquisition.

Cost Effective and Economical

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet effective way of reaching your potential customers, you’re looking at email marketing. For small businesses, this is much better than using direct mail, radio or TV to advertise your product.

For marketers, email has generated the highest ROU for more than ten years now. In fact, for every $1 spent, you make around $40 in ROI with email marketing according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). That’s a lot! If you are having a hard time with your email marketing, you can also turn to experts such as SEO Services Perth to help you.

Action Oriented

You may have realised it by now, but people are already trained to do something with a received email automatically. They can either click-through, forward, reply, sign-up or buy.

Think about it. With the use of email marketing, you can utilise emails to direct traffic to your sites and increase sales. Emails provide results immediately.

Customisable and Personal

When it comes to email marketing, you segment your audience into several lists. For each list, you will send a personalised email that you know will resonate for the readers, at the same time, give value.

Using email marketing software, you can address people by their names and even split topics for different members of your email list. This makes it personal and customisable thus boosting conversion and sales.


With the use of email marketing software, you can track how many people in your list have opened their emails, how many unsubscribed, as well as which of the links in your email people clicked on.

You can get a specific date on how your email campaigns are doing, then use these to improve its effectiveness and make adjustments. When measuring and monitoring your internet marketing strategy, your email marketing metrics are crucial.

Start your email marketing strategy today and boost your sales and conversions. Craft a personal email message that is helpful, interesting, friendly and then hit the send button!

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