Why Choose An Executive Chair?

One of the furniture protagonists of the integral design of offices is, without a doubt, the chair. Choosing the best operational chair or the most appropriate executive chair for each person is not just a matter of aesthetics or design; it is a matter of health. Investing in a good executive chair or an operational chair is one of the best business decisions you will make in your life so today we will remember some basic details when purchasing this important piece of furniture.

Comfort and Ergonomics

A good comprehensive office design will make comfort and ergonomics prime to pure and hard design. Why do we say such a sharp phrase? Well, we’ve all seen innovative offices where extreme creativity produces modern, incredible and precious furniture, but … nothing functional: shelves from which books fall, overly low work tables where legs do not fit, meeting tables in such different ways that there is no more than one in a department meeting … and, of course, chairs and armchairs that do not fulfil their main function: keeping the worker’s or manager’s back in good health.

The last case that of the executive chair, is especially important. Normally the office of management is designed to serve not only personal workspace but to reflect with the colours, furniture and decoration the essential philosophy of the company: seriousness, know-how, innovation, taste for design, classicism, etc. This message can be transmitted with design elements such as colour, auxiliary furniture … but in the case of the executive chair, ergonomics must prevail, comfort and adaptation of the furniture must be more important to the person than the image that the company tries transmitting.

Requirements that an executive chair must fulfil.

Today the market offers us a thousand and one options to choose the executive chair or the operational chair that best suits our needs and budget. But before starting to choose the perfect chair within a wide range of options, it is recommended that we take into account three simple basic requirements:

  • The size of the executive chair. Small, medium or large. All of us, women and men, have different sizes, we are taller, shorter, thicker, thinner … Knowing the correct size of the executive chair is the first premise that we must keep in mind to ensure that it is ergonomic and that it does not favour those dreaded musculoskeletal injuries so common in the office and office sector.
  • The main function that executive chair will fulfil. This is a point of special relevance when choosing the best executive chair for each case. What will that seat be for? To work in front of a computer? Just to take four notes on a table that is barely used?
  • The integral design of the office: although we should not base the decision to purchase an executive chair in the design style of the office where it will go, we do have to take this into account when selecting the colours and the material to be made. That ergonomic chair. As we said before, the market offers a thousand and one options of executive chairs and operational chairs and the best manufacturers offer ergonomic design solutions perfectly suited to each specific need.

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