Seven Secrets About Breast Cancer You Should Know

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women. This is the second main cause of death due to cancer in women. Spreading awareness among the women about the symptoms and the need for screening are important ways of reducing the risk. Though the risk factors can be genetic, some lifestyle factors such as alcohol intake make it more likely. But there are more facts associated with the breast cancer which are not known to women and let’s see about it here.
1. The money spent on research does not ensure that fewer women get breast cancer.

Though Pink Ribbon and breast cancer awareness month was introduced in 1985 in the US and introduced to the UK in 1993, since then the pink ribbon is associated with breast cancer. During the past 15 years, many funds were raised, however, the breast cancer and its devastating effects in women have not come down. Breast cancer drugs have helped in saving women to some extent but it comes with long term side effects.

2. Act against breast cancer and do not rely on mammograms.

Though mammograms are done for women aged above 50 once in three years, still breast cancer is more common. The breast tissue of younger women is denser and therefore makes it more difficult to be detected through a mammogram. It is ideal for the younger woman to start checking her breast right from her mid-twenties as breast cancer is the most aggressive in younger women and it spreads rapidly rather than in old women. Once taught then it becomes a normal regime of looking after themselves and they will also be confident as to what to do. Even devices are also available in the market through which they can do self-examination with confidence and greater accuracy.

3. Risk of getting breast cancer is high even if you don’t have it in your family.

Even if your family history does not have any women suffering from breast cancer, the possibility of getting one is quite common due to age, early puberty, late pregnancy, late onset of menopause, not having children and not breastfeeding, obesity and alcohol intake.

4. Money spent on research will not prevent that fewer women suffer.

The money raised for breast cancer should be channelized towards the prevention, treatment, and care of breast care. The funds should be allocated accordingly.

5. Make women breast aware

Though many breast aware programmes are done and a month is exclusively allocated for breast cancer awareness (October), many women do not breast aware. They provide only less focus on their breasts and do little to look after them. Most of the women do not even know how their breasts feel like. Hence, it is important for them to take control of their breasts do self-examination and if they find any lump they must approach the Best Cancer Doctor in India.

6. Advice women as to how they can protect their breasts against breast cancer.

Women need to be provided with lots of advice as to how to take care of the breast. Apart from that, they should also be advised on about breast cancer – how it develops, risk factors and how to protect against it. This will make them more in control and positive towards their breast health.

7. Advice women to look after their breasts and protect them.

Just like they take care of every other part of their body with creams and lotions, the breasts also need to be taken care of. They should be educated on this and make them in control of their breasts.

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