Pro Tips and Tricks of Beauty Blender by Blusheee Makeup

Beauty Blender is known to be best foundation sponge applicator and is now considered essential part of makeup.  Have you find difficulty in using beauty blender? Blusheee fashion is probably going to help you out through this.

It’s the most popular tool used worldwide in the makeup world. It is made from the best material.

Beauty Blender has become a beauty phenomenon. If you think you haven’t used this yet then you are surely new to the makeup world. This amazing sponge applicator increases about twice its size and soaks up the foundation you are using and lands on complexion. You can get best result from this sponge when it is wet,it works more smoothly then and makes your makeup merge into your skin effortlessly. Its oval shape is good enough for the flawless contouring of face. It is not only for limited makeup, it can be used with all types of makeup.

How blenders should be used?

Follow these rules to use your Beauty Blender in a right way.

There is no difficulty in using beauty blenders. They are so easy to use.

Make it wet with water first, than press it so that sponge becomes light wet.

Apply foundation, or any other makeup foundation that you use for your complexion or to contour , then blend it with this sponge applicator.

You can use these Beauty Blenders with foundations, setting spray, with any powder,blushes and creamy cosmetics. It can be used rather with any complexion products.

Do you know that every Professional Makeup Artist keeps a bowl of water around to make their sponges wet ?

Because it surely works best that way!

Detail of Beauty Blenders:

These beauty blenders are washable, you can use them several times.

Why beauty blenders are asked to wet with water before using?

Because it helps to keep the makeup product on top otherwise it gets soak in to the sponge leaving the little amount of makeup product you are applying.

For best results use it maximum for 3 months and keep it with proper care during these 3 months.


Blusheee makeup tells that if not using these beauty blenders with proper care then skin problems may get started. Souse them with care, like wash them after every time use. Keep them in a place where you can save them from dirt.

Most importantly keep them away from children.

Its more best to keep it save in beauty blender pouch. Keep it save from any kind of heat.

Change your beauty blender after every 3 months. Beauty Blender leaves its colour after first wash, but don’t worry this colour will not transfer to your face. Consider it normal.

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