Operational Transparency in Prior Authorization for Your Imaging Center

Converting from a total manual to online prior authorization process includes two major steps. The first big step is to have the courage to change the age-old practice method. As it is an already accustomed process and achieving successful result out of it. The second one is sticking to the decision and making it work.  But in this prior authorization process providers have started changing from the total manual age-old method to online prior authorization is one of the best decisions so far.

Outsourcing organization like Sunknowledge service Inc with its decades of understanding visualized how important it is to provide seamless operational transparency for its provider. This is why it has a specialized section for prior authorization ‘PriorAuth online’. It is a full range prior authorization for imaging centers, genomic lab, orthotics and prosthetics, radiology, etc. It helps reduction in duplication this resulting in lesser denial claims submission. It also provides a rapid turnaround and also eliminated data errors. Being an online portal PriorAuth Online helps provide an updated report and work progress giving operational transparency which is much needed in the prior authorization process.

prior authorization for imaging centers
prior authorization for imaging centers

Benefit Obtaining Sunknowledge Services:

•    100% HIPAA Compliant

•    Instant 80% reduction in your billing cost with 99.9% accuracy rate 

•    Guarantee 97% collection rate worth 30% reduction in AR bucket from the 1st month itself

•    Real-time eligibility with a 24-48 faster denial management

•    No cost dedicated account manager serving all your medical billing problems.

•    Errors of Omission & Commission Insurance support from Hiscox/Geico with a Liability Cover of $1 million

•    No binding contracts

•    More than 100 clients including Medtronic

For effective operational transparency solution with a seamless revenue generation, our trained resources are always available. With no hidden cost leverage prior authorization benefit for imaging center, radiology, and other services from Sunknowledge Service with just one call.

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