DME Billing: Is It a Loss or Gain for The Providers in The Healthcare Sector

The DME Bidding contract had already expired for DMEPOS (All Medical Durable Medical Equipment, prosthetics & Orthotics Supplies) on 31st December 2018, in CBP (Competitive Bidding Program). This has created a temporary gap from 1st January 2019 till 31st December 2020 in DMEPOS CBP.

During this gap, any Medicare-enrolled DMEPOS provider may deliver item and services to people with Medicare from 1st January. As there are a lot of non-contract suppliers, who are waiting to get into this Medicare business. As they want to cater, to the larger scale customers in DME sector.

Let Our Expert’s Help You in DME BILLING:

There is numerous DME billing organization for providers, making it difficult for them to choose. We have teams specialized in DME billing working for the providers. We at Sunknowledge providers transparency in work and cash flow for your better understanding. Starting from data entry following with 99.9% billing and coding accuracy. We also focus on proper documentation for eligibility and pre-authorization. We make sure that payer’s criteria are met before the delivery of the equipment. It doesn’t end there, a ticket for delivery is generated to make sure the provider has got the required equipment. It is followed by claims creation, once the receipt is generated after delivery confirmation. Once all this is done, it is left with cash posting, denial management and then AR. With $7 per hour and dedicated trained staff, we have working experience with various software platforms like brightree etc. To give our provider all the benefit they deserve. Efficient resources are provided where technical assistance needed.


What Makes Sunknowledge Different From Others?

  • CPAP user compliance activities including:
    • Tracking the equipments
    • Contacting and advising non-compliant patients about CPAP
    • Contacting compliant patients and providing appointment alerts
    • Scheduling appointment with doctor’s office
    • Contacting ordering physicians with compliance reports for providers.
  • Sales Support by reaching out to:
    • Existing CPAP users regarding supplies if eligible
    • Existing diabetic/incontinence users regarding supplies if eligible
    • Providing information to already existing patients regarding CPAP supplies and DME products
  • Generating new leads regarding CPAP supplies and DME products
  • Providing constant support through easy access and availability of managers through phone call/video conferencing / screen sharing

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