Busting the Five Most Popular Anti-Ageing cream myths

Anti-ageing is one of the most common issues that most of the people suffer. This issue was known to affect those who were old. But, nowadays, ageing effects are quite visible in even the youngsters. The reason behind these effects is the lack of nutrition in the diet and a hectic lifestyle.

This is also one of the reasons why there are a lot of myths and hoaxes that are spread across the Internet. It is quite hard to find the answer or reality that lies beyond these myths. So, today in this article we are going to crack open the most popular anti-ageing cream myths that most of the people believe to be true.

1. Expensive creams offer better and quick results: Unlike the logic we use in our day to day life, the monetary value of an anti-ageing product does not determine its capabilities. It is a fact that the higher the price is, manufacturers will offer a product of better quality.

But, these days there are anti-ageing creams that are both affordable and can match the level of effects of high priced creams. This is why everyone needs to understand that they should not bother judging a cream by its price tag rather they should check the ingredients of the product.

2. Instant effects will come with the usage of Anti-aging creams: one of the most common myth is spread by the brands in the cosmetics industries themselves. Instant effects are not a thing and it is important to understand it.

Most of the people take this myth seriously and become aggressive when they do not see any particular benefits or reduction in the ageing effects after just a week or two of usage. There are some creams such as Zootox essential Skin Renewal Masque that are known to shoe visible differences by the end of 2nd week of regular usage but still most of the creams fail to show effects in such a short time period.

3. Creams should be bought as per the Age limit specified by the manufacturers: Another common misconception or should we say a myth is that we should purchase anti-ageing creams as per the age limit specified by the manufacturers. This is both right and wrong to some extent.

The first thing that we should take into consideration is that manufacturers use this grading to make sure that they attract the right age group as the formula used in the product is suitable for most of the people of that particular age group. But, if you have a special skin type or skin blemish that requires a cream with a lower age limit than you should use it nonetheless

4. One product can offer you the benefit of an entire treatment: Trust me, people find it very amusing when they hear the fact that one cream is enough for all the skin related issues. But, this certainly is not the care when it comes to real life.

So, in order to get the best results with your anti-ageing skin cream, you will need to use the right type of anti-ageing lotions and similarly, you will also have to add an anti-ageing moisturizer to the mix too

5. Day cream and Night cream are just the opposite of each other: Unlike the terms day and night, Anti-aging day and night creams carry the same essential ingredients in the making. The only difference that they have is the factor of SPF which is found in Day creams. So, you should not freak out when you notice same ingredients on both your day and night creams


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