5 Common Causes of Teeth Stain or Discoloration

Poor oral hygiene is often considered to be the main culprit of the stained teeth. While that can be a factor that has a tremendous contribution towards the discoloration of the chompers, even the best-cared-for teeth can also be stained over time.

Tea, coffee, juice, red wine or dark cola and even certain types of antibiotics can discolor your pearly whites. One reason for discoloration is when the discoloring agents get deposited below the surface of the teeth.

Not only that, the factors that are evident otherwise also apply in this case. For example, the smokers and poor oral hygiene followers are also quite prone to developing stains on their teeth.

Over time this issue gets worsened and our daily habits contribute in a major way to the ugly stains on the teeth. Just read on.

  • Food and Beverages – The teeth getting grey, brown or yellow can be created by food and beverages that you have. These may include tea, coffee, cola, red wine, blackberries, blueberries, and pomegranates. This mainly happens because these foods and drinks are quite pigmented, and they are capable of staining the teeth very easily. Even green tea and chocolates can keep sticking to the surface of the teeth leading to the discoloration of the same.
  • Tobacco – The tobacco whether chewed or smoked can create the nicotine stains on the teeth. While the nicotine is colorless, it can give rise to yellow stains when combined with the oxygen gas. In the same way, tar that is naturally a very dark matter resulting from chewing and smoking can cause the dark spots on the teeth. Tobacco smokers can lead to tobacco stains on the teeth. The risk of oral cancer and gum disease can also be enhanced by the constant usage of tobacco.
  • Medications – The antibiotics like doxycycline that include Doryx and Monodox as well as tetracycline are capable of causing teeth decay. This is most common in kids whose teeth are still developing. This can also develop in children whose mothers consumed any of these medications during pregnancy. Glynase or Glibenclamide happens to be a medication that is used for permanent neonatal diabetes. This is also responsible for giving rise to brown spots on the teeth.

  • Ailments – Several ailments can affect the enamel of the teeth which is the hard surface of the teeth together with the dentin which is the underlying material below the enamel. These definitely lead to the discoloration of the teeth. The tooth color is also affected by the treatment of certain conditions. Teeth discoloration can be caused by the chemotherapy and the neck and head radiation. Apart from that, certain infections in pregnant women can also cause teeth staining in the infants by affecting their development of the enamel.
  • Dental Materials – Certain dental treatments can also lead to teeth staining although it may seem to counterintuitive. The teeth can appear greyish by the traditional fillings made of metal that were used for treating cavities. To retain the beauty of the smile of the patients, these days, the dentists use fillings of composite resins. If you need to treat cavities you should make it a point to visit the office of an orthodontist who offers fillings that match the color of your teeth so that they don’t look conspicuous.

The above are some of the major causes of teeth stain and discoloration that you should be aware of and try to stay away from. In case, you are not happy with the color of the teeth you should opt for the teeth whitening in Delhi so that you can restore a beautiful smile that you can display whenever you want with confidence.

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