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Today the importance of data visualization has increased a lot in the business field. Data visualization is the presentation of data in a unique and interesting way with the use of colors, labels, dimensions, in order to create a visual masterpiece. Nowadays data visualization has become mandatory for business analytics. With the abundance of data generation sources and constant increase in big data, data visualization tools become even more important for the companies to analyze the latest trends and take decisions accordingly. Among various tools, Tableau is the most successful tool that companies opt for the data visualization process. Today companies are hiring candidates who have undergone Tableau Training at a very high salary package.

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It is not like big data has started the process of data visualization. It has been around for centuries and the maps are proof of it. Big data, when processed and analyzed correctly, holds up great potential for the companies. The main issue while analyzing this big data is its representation. Many sectors are lagging behind just because they don’t have the required knowledge to analyze their big data. Studies have shown that human brains functions and processes the large amounts of complex data in a much better way by using charts or graphs. Data visualization is the best way of translating complex data to various people who have a different educational background.

Basically, it is a universal method to process the data. Data visualization helps companies in many different ways:

  • Look out for the areas for improvement.
  • Identifying the factors that lure customer and changes their behavior.
  • Helps in understanding product placement techniques.
  • Anticipate sales volumes.
  • Share the content with others.
  • Graphical representation helps in understanding the content in a much better way.

Today there are various tools in the industry that provides the companies with the option to select the best data visualization tool. There are certain qualities that a data visualization tool should definitely have:

  • Informative: The oldest form of data visualization is maps that helped in distributing the information in a globally understandable manner. And in the same way, today, companies are using this technique to inform their employees and analyze the big data.
  • Efficient: Visual graphics helps the data analyst save a lot of time as the data is communicated concisely and without any ambiguity. Data visualization dashboards eliminate the requirement to analyze hundreds of pages of data and directly get to the conclusion just by looking at the well designed, concise, dashboards.
  • Appealing: Data visualization changes the content in a way that appeals to the user and helps in making an informed decision. Proper imagery and color palette help in viewer engagement and in-depth analysis.
  • Interactive and predictive: The dashboards of data visualization tools many times acts as an analytical tool where the variables and filters are adjusted according to the possible results that the company wants to infer.  

There are various techniques that data visualization uses to help the user segregate and analyze the content, like a pie chart, line chart, area chart, and combo chart. From various data visualization tools that are present in the market today, Tableau is the best and most used tool.

Various sectors and different companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, Skype, The World Bank, Innova, New York Times and many more are making full use of this software as it helps them in various areas. Tableau helps in

  • Analyzing the data visually
  • Monitoring and measuring the data
  • Browsing and Exploring the data
  • Building Dashboards
  • Sharing and communicating the dashboards among various users.
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One can understand every bit of Tableau software by joining the best Tableau Course. Tableau is a Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool that provides the user with an end-to-end analytics platform. It provides a powerful, secure and flexible connection for the data. Tableau helps in converting business data into insights that help the company take relevant action. Many sectors like businesses, academic researchers, and many government organizations are utilizing Tableau in their daily work. Tableau is so effective and efficient because it provides the user with different colors and shapes that allow the viewer to concentrate and retain the information for a much longer period. It even allows for live intergration. It is very easy to use

Tableau as it provides various features like:

  • Drag and drop: This allows the user to access the data within seconds
  • Table calculation: This allows to calculate the numerical values quickly and easily
  • Data grouping
  • Map creations
  • Cross data source filters
  • Highlighter
  • Bar charts
  • Advanced analytics and much more help in easing out the workload.

One can take Tableau Training in Noida to understand every feature of this software. This tool connects with other data sources such as text, excel file, databases to big data queries.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons to choose Tableau over other data visualization tool:

  • Connection to multiple data source: Tableau performs its services for any kind of data, like Microsoft Excel, Corporate Data Warehouse, or web-based data.
  • Real-time analysis: Tableau provides the user with the capability to analyze live data.
  • Great Library: Tableau offers the user with various choices and even recommends which visual will suit more. Features like “Show Me” provide the best-suited graphs according to the data.
  • Maps: The same “Show Me” feature allows easy access to maps.

Tableau offers various products to the user for more effective working:

  • Tableau Desktop: It provides interactive dashboards that offer valuable insights from an in-depth analysis of the data. It even helps in connecting with more data, that too without writing codes, like SQL database, big data, spreadsheet, cloud apps (Google Analytics).
  • Tableau Prep: This helps the user to prepare their data for the analysis process. This works really fast. It shows a complete picture of the data and provides the results immediately.
  • Tableau Online: This provides the opportunity to collaborate with the data that is present on the cloud. This obviously deals over the internet and therefore eliminates the cost of setting up the hardware. It even provides the opportunity to connect with various data over the internet, like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and many more. This provides the capability to embed the desired dashboard and allows secured access to teams, partners, and clients.
  • Tableau Server: This server helps in sharing the data across the entire organization. The company can even govern the data without any compromise since it is a centrally managed server. It is fully secured and even provides with flexible integration to the existing data infrastructure.

With the advancement in technology and an increase in globalization, there is a high demand for employees who have a thorough knowledge of Tableau Software. One can undergo Tableau Certification Training in Noida for better employment opportunities.

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