Mind Out Social Media, Instagram Is Coming Through

Facebook and Twitter have consistently been considered the two social media giants for social activity online. With billions of users around the world each day scrolling through various news feeds and reading each other’s tweets it comes as no surprise when multiple reports say how many hours people spend on social media. However, despite the hype between the two household names, taking over the scene and stealing some of the spotlight is Instagram.

Completely different to the the text and image driven news feed that dominates Twitter and Facebook, Instagram lives solely through the sharing of images. Taking photos of scenery, fashion, beauty, sport and every other imaginable niche then sharing it to the millions of users online has taken over the way social media is used and there’s no sign of the platform slowing down any time soon.

How Has The Concept Of Instagram Changed The Web?

The no fluff presenting style of Instagram has produced a social media platform for the masses who don’t have time for the dramas and stipulations that Facebook has attached on the side. Simply flying through images until something catches your eye is an easy, simple and effective way to find something of interest quickly. Companies that sell followers Instagram fastlikes.fr have cottoned onto this image based trend and have adapted their social media services to give the public what they want.

Being able to upload and store images on an Instagram profile is also a user perk which other rival Twitter cannot adhere to due to the fast moving pace, making Instagram even more appealing for the creative mindset who need that storage space for captivating images.

Have Facebook And Twitter Ever Really Been The Big Guns?

As the one that really started it all, Facebook has found huge success on a phenomenal global scale and has continued to grow and become an international household name. It offered something new, exciting and incredibly useful to people who had lost touch with relatives or old school friends. Since it’s launch it has faced strong competition from Twitter which has always been of a much faster pace with people twittering instead of messaging others on a more leisurely stroll.

However, also on the scene, Pinterest and Google + also started to make their mark on the social media scene. Not considered to be as ‘big’ as the big guns, these sites still managed to make a considerable impact on the growing need to socialise electronically. Millions of users indulge themselves on the sites everyday but as the quiet one of the party, Instagram has been creeping up its own track leaving a bigger imprint than many actually thought it was.

Now that it has outgrown other flailing social media sites like MySpace, Instagram claims its place as a strong contender for the top social media platform as it continually attracts more and more users, some of which divert away from the big guns, Facebook and Twitter.

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