How to Get the Best Credit Card in India: 5 Tips

The reliance of people, especially salaried class individual on a plastic form of money has grown. We are talking about the credit card, a type of finance that has eased multiple payments and big purchases for people.

Nowadays, a salaried individual doesn’t need to wait to save for making a purchase. He/she can simply use a credit card and pay after 40-50 days and even in EMIs for large purchases.

However, to make the most of credit card offerssuch as deals, discounts, reward points, airport lounge access and more, one needs to have the best credit card. It is necessary to do as there are different types of credit card available in India. Hence, if you wish to get the best credit card in India, you need to follow some tips. Read on!

1. Get your hands on your Credit Score

Always remember to check your Credit Score first before applying for the best credit card in India. It is a 3-digit rating that ranges between 300 and 900 and showcases your creditworthiness to a lender. As a result, they may offer their best credit cards for you. Anything above 750 or more is a strong CIBIL Score to get the best of the credit card offers. To have a robust Credit Score, you need to pay your credit card outstanding and another loan EMIs on time, every time.

2. Check the credit card eligibility

Unless you are unaware of the required credit card eligibility parameters of a lender, you should not apply for it. Doing it without understanding things can lead to rejection. Here are some of the common credit card eligibility conditions at a glance:

  • An applicant should have a CIBIL Score that reads 750 or more
  • The applicant’s age should be between 25-65 years
  • He/she should be an Indian citizen
  • He/she should have a consistent employment history

The eligibility differs from a lender to lender, and hence, you need to be fully aware of it for a lender to avoid all rejection chances.

3. Shop around for the best offers

Once you know that your Credit Score is strong to get a credit card easily, you should stop at the first lender. You should go ahead, land on a third-party website and check all available credit card offersas per your needs. You will find many types of credit card listed. This way, you can apply for a credit card as per needs and up to the credit limit that you can repay. There are many free third-party websites available these days, and you can query for ‘best credit card in India’ on a search engine to begin.

Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard comes with the power of 4 cards into one letting you grab multiple benefits. Also, you get 20,000 reward points as the welcome bonus for signing up for the credit card.

4. Keep all the required documents ready

To complete your credit card eligibility for the best credit card in India, you will also need to furnish some documents. Let’s have a look at some basic documents that you would need to begin arranging such as:

  • Identity proofs such as Aadhaar Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID Card and others
  • Address proofs such as Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, electricity, telephone and other utility bill and more
  • Recent passport size colour photographs

Remember to arrange all documents before applying for a credit card. Any missing document can also lead to your credit card application getting rejected.

5. Don’t apply for too many credit cards at a time

It is a common practice in India to apply for multiple credit cards so that at least one gets approved by a lender. However, it is not the best thing to do as it may adversely affect your CIBIL Score. Every time you submit a credit card application, the lender pulls your Credit Score leading to a hard enquiry. Too many credit card enquiries at a time can hamper your CIBIL Score. In turn, it may affect your future loan approvals at a lower rate of interest as well. Hence, you should apply for the best credit card in Indiaonly when you know that you have the required eligibility for it.

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