Features a Field Force Management app Should Have

With the advent of mobile technology, businesses all across the globe have started to embrace its importance. Mobile technology has played a pivotal role in enabling to have complete control over the employees out there in the field by keeping a track of their daily activities. There are numerous mobile applications out there that house a plethora of features, however, there are very few that would directly cater to the needs of your business. Due to this, picking out the best Field Force Management app can prove to be a trivial task.

To simplify the task of choosing a Field Force Management app, below are a few features that the app must have.

Booking and Managing Orders

Being able to have a common platform where executives and managers can easily have a view of all the latest orders and bookings is a feature that a field force management software should possess. Taking the orders directly through the app helps the sales executives to perform their tasks easily and also enables the managers to dispatch tasks. This saves a lot of time which would otherwise get invested in managing the tasks manually.

Real-Time Updates & Analysis of Tasks

For businesses, having an instant update about each and every task that gets completed is crucial. Modern-day Field Service Management app enables you to keep up to date with all the latest progress that your field team in the field is making. These updates are sent in the form of emails and SMSs. A few of the field force applications like FeetPort allow you to set up trigger every time a new order is made into the applications. Personalized triggers can also be created for sending out the updates.

Direct Reporting

For field force, it is important to directly report to their managers so that they are well aware of the current activities and are able to keep an eye on them. A Field Force Management app enables the field force to report directly in the form of field sales visits, order bookings, GPS location etc. Such reporting helps the businesses to devise a strategy for the future as it helps them to know about the behavior of the customer.

Integrations with Major Systems

For field force management software, it is pivotal to have an interaction with the leading CRM, ERP, and back end systems that would have an impact on the overall performance of the entire firm. Therefore, it is quite important for the Field Service Management app to bring all the different departments and systems on one platform. Rather than investing in different systems, it is always better to go for an application that enables you to perform all the necessary tasks with the matter of a few clicks.

Summing Up

The above highlighted features are a must have for a Field Service Management software that would allow a business to not only manage its field force but also deliver time timely and tailor made services. FeetPort, a flexible and advanced field force automation system offers numerous beneficial features to businesses looking to scale up their growth. Along with these, the application has all the tools to achieve this making it viable and completely reliable. FeetPort is constantly getting updated with all the latest advancements happening around that will see more updated in the future.

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