There are numerous different types of makeup looks. From dark, vampy looks to light ones, all are done keeping in mind the specific occasion and event. When it comes to a daily basis, usually people prefer going for a ‘’no makeup makeup look’’. This look, as you can guess from the name, is a minimal makeup look which is more of a natural one. A no makeup makeup look, looks as if you are wearing no makeup at all yet it beautifies and enhances your features.

This makeup look requires products which have the cutest yet the most natural pigmentation ever.

The lipsticks which go with a no makeup makeup look are usually the more natural and pinkish, peachish ones. Given below are 10 lipsticks, which will perfectly go with a no makeup makeup look. These lipsticks provide hints and flushes of color to your lips.

1- Huda Beauty, Liquid lipstick in Bombshell:
Huda beauty is known for her amazing lipsticks and well, this one is her most raved and talked about one. This lipstick has the best formula. This lipstick has a great consistency and keeps your lips as hydrated as possible which is a plus in no makeup makeup look because you can wear it on daily basis.

2- Tanya Burr cosmetics Matte lipstick in Martha Moo:
The very famous YouTuber Tanya Burr came out with this beautiful lipstick which is a perfect peachy pink liquid lipstick. This lipstick, ends with a matte finish however, it is nowhere near dry. This will perfectly go with your daily look.

3- Gucci Moisture Rich Lipstick in Carnation:
Well, before moving to its pigmentation, let’s just appreciate how sleek the packaging of this lipstick is. This lipstick has pink undertones which will satisfy you like no other lipstick will. You won’t find a better lipstick than this one to wear on daily basis.

4- Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Meringue:
Going with a natural lipstick means going with one which does not dry your lips and hydrates it perfectly. Well, this lipstick for sure does that. This lip color does not make your lips dry and crusty. It is not shiny but glides smoothly on the lips.

5- Fresh sugar honey tinted Lip Treatment, SPF 15:
This lipstick is a warm toned shade. This lipstick is known to have SPF 15 and known to protect your lips. Whenever you go for a beach party or somewhere with extreme sunshine, you must go for this lip shade.

6- Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips lipstick in Super Cindy:
Well, Charlotte Tilbury lipstick ranges are known for their sleek golden and attractive packaging. This lipstick is a nude shade with a very fresh peach which makes sure it does not make you look dull by flushing all the color out.

7- Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color Lipstick Plum Shine 830:
this lipstick provides your lips with a plum and shiny look. Usually on a no makeup makeup look day, a person looks too flushed out because they make the mistake of going with really minimal makeup which makes them look flat. With this lipstick, you can go for just mascara on the lashes and a hint of color in the crease and if you pair it up with this lipstick, you’ll end up with a very stunning and pretty look. Moreover, this lipstick is by no means drying.

8- Smashbox Be Legendary Cream in Famous:
This lipstick falls in an ‘’Apricot’’ shade range. This lipstick does not make your lip texture prominent. It is for sure really nude but by no means colorless and flat. It provides a flush of color to your lips that you would want for an everyday makeup look.

9- Dolce and Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick in Honey:
This lipstick falls somewhere between pink and brown and you can call it a mixture of pink and brown resulting in a hazelnut color. This lipstick feels great on the lips and makes sure it does not slip into the fine lines of your lips making them look dry and crusty.

10- Flower Beauty Hydrasilk Ultimate Lip Butter in Naked Petal:
Well, as the name might give you a rough idea, this lipstick provides your lip with the kind of pigmentation that you desire. The pigmentation of this lipstick resembles that of a delicate flower petal, and yes, it does make your lips look sofy and delicate. This makes your lips extremely soft. And it has a packaging which makes it suitable enough to be traveled with.


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