A Buying Guide of Driver Shaft

A good driver is what a golfer ever needs!. Whether it is to make distance off the trees or to ensure a solid contact is made on a consistent and regular basis. Finding the right driver is absolutely essential for every golfer as it plays an important role to define their success on the field. Although the design of the head plays an important role when it comes to selecting a drive; but, it is the shaft that ensures that the head is being utilized properly and to the fullest. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a driver, the first thing that a golfer needs to take into consideration is the right shaft.

Driver Shaft
                                          Driver Shaft

Swing Easily with the Right Shaft

People of different heights play golf. Some are short in stature, some are tall and while others are of medium stature. Therefore, selecting a proper and comfortable length of the shaft is important so that the golfer can swing the shaft without any undue stress.

It is very important to choose the right length as far as the shaft is concerned. The longer the shaft, the higher the chances of margin for error. Hence, it is golden a rule that golfers must choose the right length of the shaft and second about proper distance.

Choosing the right flex will help you determine the swing type and its speed. Many golfers fail to understand this criterion while selecting a right drive shaft and thus, they choose the wrong shaft which makes it hard to access the center and thus the overall game becomes harder with a wrong driver shaft in the hand.


The weight of the driver shaft ranges from 40-135grams. It is an important factor as the swing speed is directly proportional to the weight of the shaft, i.e. slower speed is achieved using a lighter shaft.

It is Important to find the Right Flex

There are different types of shaft flexes available that enables the golfers to swing at different speeds. One of the most important aspects of driver shaft that need to be taken into consideration while selecting a shaft is how fast is the swing. The easiest way to determine is by using golf swing speed radar, which lets the golfer know about the speed that is being generated through contact.

It is however generally accepted that slower the swing’s speed, more flexible the shaft. There are 4 different types of fluxes that are available which cater to the golfer’s need to attain different levels of speed. These different flexes from the lowest to highest speed are as follows

  • Ladies
  • Regular
  • Stiff, and
  • Extra Stiff (this is also known as a Tour)

The golfer must understand the limits set by the swing and must precisely swing his driver shaft to create the desired speed which will enable him to reach the goal. To choose the right driver shaft, the golfer must choose the right flex and appropriate length which will allow them to their first game with the brand-new driver better.

Driver Shaft
                                           Driver Shaft

Although there are no industry standards set for the driver shaft in the golf industry, this buying guide perfectly explains what all a golfer must look at while buying his driver shaft. You should always purchase a right drive shaft which can give you right swing and this, in turn, makes your purchase worth it. The right shaft determines your swing speed and this is very important while playing the game as it affects the golfer’s ability to hit the balls on the course.

Choosing a wrong shaft only leads to the poor game and it becomes harder for you to perform on the golf course.

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