Why and where to Buy Indian Art for Sale?

Indian Art is full of nerve, ostentatious colours, tempting depictions, transcendence, subtlety, and strokes of momentous aesthetics. Out of every art culture, Indian art has an affluent and astounding history of adaptions and tolerance that eventually evolved as a blend, which is more flamboyant and strikingly captivating.

Why Indian Art?

In the last 2 decades especially, Indian artworks have been drumming the attention of global art collectors and art experts at some of the prestigious auctions and conventions. Reason for this is the liberation and the wings that Indian artists and their work has acquired since the contemporary and modern movement submerged after the independence of this nation.

The formation of illustrious Bombay’s Progressive Artists’ Group has been fateful in cultivating and nourishing the seed of Indian art as we see today. This group was founded by prominent names like M.F.Husain, S.H.Raza, F.N.Souza, K.H. Ara, H. A. Gade, and S. K. Bakre.

Later on, other notable artists like Tyeb Mehta, Ram Kumar, and V.S.Gaitonde also joined the group making it stronger. The main objective of this group was to liberate Indian art from the shackles of the nationalist movement and make it free to fly. Since Indian art was always vivacious and extremely beautiful but was underrated, these artists wanted to spread the shine of Indian paintings and artworks at the global platforms, and they did.

Buy Indian art

Even though the group was dissolved in 1956, the objective was made clear. Indian artists of this era showed immense courage and daring to step out the conventional image of traditionalists and even rejected the inclusion of western styles and adaptions. The challenge to make Indian Art unique in itself was accomplished by these Bravehearts.

Today, if you wish to buy Indian art, fortunately, you have a wide collection of pieces in each genre and style. For the traditional art lovers, there are paintings, artefacts, and artworks of Ganesha, Krishna, Shiva, Durga, Kali, etc.

If you are an abstraction zealot, there are painters like Gaitonde, Souza, and Tyeb, who will not only mesmerise your senses with the epicness of disorientation in their works but will also make you think the reality of life.

For people who love portraits, there are works of Amrita Shergil, the only Indian women artist who won eminent fame at the global level. Also, the portraits of Raja Ravi Varma are a treat to watch.

What’s more attractive is that all of these painters and artists have joined the million dollar club. Global collectors are now showing more and more interest in the works of Indian artists. The inception of Christie’s in India has blown the horn of emergence of India as one of the most impactful art markets in the world.

Where to Buy Indian Art?

Like the thirst is quenched by water, a true art aficionado only gets truly content when he/she gets the hand on an exquisite artwork. In today’s time, if you wish to purchase Indian art, it is quite easy. There are many online platforms that offer mesmerising artworks from Indian artists at affordable prices. All you have to do is have a smartphone and possess some first-hand knowledge of this process. Of course, there are conventional methods like visiting an art gallery, exhibition, convention, etc. Along with these, there are a number of other alternatives for people seeking to buy Indian art.

  • Social Media

There are social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest that offer full exposure and a dais full of opportunities for artists. These image-based social media platforms are popular among the artists because they can put up Indian art for sale and there is an audience made up of millions of people that follow them passionately. You can find eminent and upcoming Indian artists showcasing their work on these mediums.

  • Online galleries

A lot of online art galleries have emerged in the last decade, all thanks to the advancement of technology. Art lovers have the leverage to explore the artistry talent of the prominent Indian painters on their smartphone now. These online galleries offer fabulous opportunities for artists and art lovers to come closer and trade paintings.

  • Websites

Artists are also creating and maintaining their websites on which they showcase their paintings. Just search the name of the artist whose work you are specifically seeking and you will eventually land up on their websites. To make sure that their websites are visible to the relatable and maximum audience, artists are also embedding latest SEO hacks.

  • Virtual Shops

This is another option where artists have opened up their virtual studios. Much similar to a brick & mortar shop, these virtual platforms offer art lovers to go through various paintings, find out the running offers and reach out to the artist directly.

  • Art Blogs

You can also reach out to the artists who are updating their blogs on the daily basis. These artists jot down the blog with an aim to increase their followers and also to put up Indian art for sale alongside.

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