What Makes A TV Commercial Ads Memorable and Easy to Grasp?

Social media may have taken the mass media by storm, but it still has not been able to beat TV commercial ads space. When you switch on the television, you see numerous brand ads within just a few minutes. People may spend hours on social media, but brands still have not stopped pouring money in TV commercial production companies to create ads for television.

Tv Commercial Production Companies

Sure, YouTube and Facebook have viral video campaigns, but something tells us that TV commercials are here to stay and are not going any where for a long time. And, that is because they are still effective and memorable medium.

But What Makes Them So?

Here are the reasons why TV ads are still popular and working for brands:

TV Commercial ads

1. TV Ads Are Emotional.

Ad film production houses create ads which pull the emotional strings in the viewers. This emotion could be humor, quirky, or sentimental. Some of those ads are so powerful that makes you stop and think on the matter. Some are so brilliant that you would especially make your friends see them if they haven’t already.

2. TV Ads Have Got Jingles

Everyone knows how catchy and cool jingles are. They are easy to learn therefore they get on everyone’s lips in no time. Hence, your brand gets on everyone’s mind in no time. Therefore, production houses create cool jingles for the ads.

3. TV Commercials Ad Memorable

Other things that make TV ad commercials memorable are the sheer entertainment and thought-provoking ability. Therefore, you still remember the ads from your childhood. Their compelling nature and brilliant story are what make them popular. Film production houses give their best in story and production to make awesome advertisements. Some of these ads are just brilliantly simple like Dhara Refined oil. Everyone remembers the child actor from the ad and the way he says‘Jalebi’ in the ad has really stuck on with people.

4. They Have Got The Humor

If your ad is funny, chances are more people are going to remember and for a long time. Everyone likes to laugh a little now and then and if your TV commercial has made them laugh, you instantly become people’s favorite. Therefore,even if an ad is stupid or goofy, people are still going to remember it. But if the ad is not memorable, it is an utter failure.

5. TV Ad Commercials Have Icons Starring in Them

When these ads have a character, or an icon associated with the brand, people tend to remember those ads. These icons act as an instant recall with the brand when people see those ads. Take Amul and Pillsbury for examples. They have chosen animated characters or icons in their ads pertaining to their brand. Another example is KFC where a sketch of Dr. Kentucky is featured in the ads.

TV commercials are a proven and foolproof way to create a niche in the market and carve out space in people’s mind. It is really an effective way of brand awareness and recall. They may not get you leads in the way digital marketing medium does but they sure help your brand get recognized in the throat cutting competition.

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