Things to Consider Before Choosing a Musical Instrument

Musical instruments are fun to play. The sound of musical instruments can be soothing and relaxing depending on the way you play them. Every instrument has a different sound. The one you choose solely depends on your choice and the kind of music you like.

One needs to consider many things before choosing a musical instrument such as the type of music you like and space where you want to play the instrument. This post shares some things that every music lover should consider before buying a musical instrument.

Type of music

The instrument you choose should to play the kind of music you like. Buying a musical instrument is an investment of time and money. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to consider the type of music before buying. For example, if you like classical music, it makes no sense to buy a guitar as it is best for jazz and pop music. If you live in Melbourne, you can find a great variety in a guitar shop Melbourne.

Purpose of playing the instrument

Every instrument serves a different purpose. Do you want to play it in music concerts, parties, music bands or any other occasion? You need to choose your musical instrument according to the situations where you would be playing it.  For example, if you don’t like to be social a piano is the perfect instrument for playing solo, and it makes a good piece of furniture in your home.

How much time you can invest to learn

It takes time to learn any musical instrument. Every instrument takes different time to practice and attain perfection for playing. Some devices take more time than others, but some you can learn by spending one hour daily. Don’t buy a Kora unless you are ready to invest some serious time to learn to play the instrument. Instead get a simple instrument like a guitar that you can learn by spending an hour daily.

Choose your Genre

Some musical instruments are more associated with specific genres. For example, a Saxophone or Trumpet is commonly used for jazz music, while a  piano and violin fit more perfectly in the classical genre. The guitar is often linked to the blues, rock music and metal.

You can see these associations in advertising and also with the well-known artists. Now that does not mean that one who plays the violin cannot play the sitar.  However, it means that some people fit better in a genre as compared to others. The genre that suits you the best will help you decide to choose an instrument.

Availability of teacher

Anybody who wants to learn to play a musical instrument needs a teacher for learning and guidance. Check if there is a teacher available for the device you want to learn before buying the same. For some instruments, the teachers are readily available but not for all. For example, if you search the teachers for learning guitar, you can find plenty of teachers, but not for a Sitar or Kora.

Play and Sing

Some people love to sing while playing the instrument. If you are one of those, you need to check which instruments are the best for singing. It is difficult to sing while playing classical instruments like flute, and sitar. However, it is comfortable to sing with modern instruments like the keyboard and guitar.

You can find people singing with other instruments as well, but piano and guitar offer a full range of sound that perfectly accompanies the human voice. It is not a coincidence that the guitar is the most popular instrument accompanying the singers.

Where do you see yourself in a band?

If you choose to be among those people playing the instruments in the background, you should go to select something in the rhythm section. However, if you want to be in the front hero, go and get an instrument that plays the melodies in your genre. It is your choice where do you visualize yourself in the music band.

Do you want to play Solo or with others?

Most of the instruments are best suited for social players. However, some people are best at playing their instruments alone. They have a hard time while playing it in a group or create a rhythm with other people playing other devices. If you are a kind of solo player, choose an instrument that is made for the same. On the other hand select the instruments like a drum set or keyboard, if you are ready to play in a group or band.

Final Words

These are the best points to consider before choosing a musical instrument. If you think you can best fit in the jazz or pop genre, pick a guitar. In addition to these points, you should not forget to consider your interest and the sound that please your heart. Choose the musical instrument that you love and enjoy playing.

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