The Secret to Successful Social Media For Event Planners

Event planning requires a good amount of time to get all the details together and a great marketing plan. Social media has become an important part of the enterprise sector, particularly in spreading information and gathering people to check out their products, services and brand. Businesses continue to use social media marketing to collect enough buzz and following in their respective industries.

Here we provide you some special secrets to boost your social media marketing:

  1. Get media exposure

Now-a-days, social media is the most important tool in connecting with the right people to attend your event, but it can also connect you with people who can help you advertise your show. Event Planner Company in Singapore having great exposure. You can utilize many social networks and you can follow MTM Events on social media like FaceBook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

2. Use teaser videos

YouTube and Vimeo are the best platforms, it has become easier for companies to post video ads and teasers about their products, brands or events. Online videos have large reach almost about 100 million internet users watching online videos daily)

3. Build a social event page

The most essential task is to create an event-specific page on your official business social pages and website. It will serve as the home base for all information related to the upcoming event – i.e. sign-up forms, RSVP, VIP party, etc. It’s an easy way to direct potential visitors to the things they need to be informed about.

4. Tracking Event News with #Hashtags

One of the best ways to initiate your task on social networks is to run with branded hashtags to track conversations revolving around your event! All you have to do is set a branded hashtag for your event.

5. Adapt Your Strategy to Different Platforms

Every platform is different, and this means targeting a different community and the needs of the platform’s users. Establish your marketing message to each platform takes a lot of time and effort.

6. Get Post-Event Feedback

Your task to build social relations doesn’t end after the event. Every Event social pages need to be constantly updated during the occasion and even after the event. Through the whole event, you can constantly take pictures and videos to be published, announce giveaways and contests, and ask attendees to share their experiences using the official hashtag. MTM Events specializes in event planning, event services like media events, branding events, nightlife events, corporate events in Singapore.

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