How to Pep Up the Decoration for an Intimate Birthday Party

You probably don’t like to spend time with a lot of people; you also probably don’t like it when you have to be surrounded by people you don’t know. And if you are a person like that, it’s understandable why you always insist on having intimate parties only. To be honest, there is nothing wrong with holding an intimate party. But what is wrong is not to do anything to make your party look like a party. So, your party could be an intimate one, but without the right decoration of the venue, the invited guests will not get that celebratory feel, which would definitely be a turn-off. If you want some tips on how to decorate an intimate birthday party, then here are some that you can religiously follow. Have a look-

  • Because it is an intimate party, not a lot of people will gather at the venue. But that doesn’t mean you will not decorate the entrance of the venue. The entrance of any party venue is extremely important, considering the fact that all of you guests are going to pass through it, either to make an entry or an exit. Now, there are so many amazing ways to decorate the entrance that it is very natural for anyone to feel confused as to which decoration approach to take. But in case you feel really clueless, just bring some light up balloons and mount them on the entrance. This will create an extremely beautiful-looking entrance for your party.
  • The best way to draw the attention of the people towards your decoration is to keep it at and eye level. So, there is no point decorating your roof because your guests might not even look up to see what you have done for the roof. If at all you are decorating your roof, just make sure you use sparkle led lights for that. Let some of these lights hang down so that people get a hint that something is calling for their attention at the roof.
  • If you are using a banner or a poster of sorts to highlight the theme of the party, then make sure you line it with the same variety of lights. This is a great way to pull your guests’ attention towards the theme of the party or whatever message you want to convey through your poster or banner.
  • Although these lights look great everywhere, against all backgrounds, a darker background will simply enhance their beauty manifold. While white background will least justify their good looks, a black background will mar it.

For a personal and intimate party, you don’t really need a professional decorator. This doesn’t just save you a lot of money but also keeps you away from the hassle of giving constant directions to the decorator to get things right. The above mentioned are definitely some of the most amazing tips on how to decorate an intimate birthday party or any other party for that matter on your own. So, try them out and make your parties all the most special!

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